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K.C. Meadows is an award-winning journalist who has been managing editor of The Ukiah Daily Journal since 1997. Before that she was a long time reporter there, covering city hall, education, local business and, well, a little of everything.

Her reporting led to the conviction of a county school superintendent for misuse of public funds and her news, column and editorial writing has won numerous awards from the California Newspaper Publishing Association.

Meadows got started in the news business in 1977 when she was hired as news director of WUPY Radio in a tiny town of Ishpeming, Michigan. There she was bitten by the journalism bug and was on air at the small all-talk station from 6 a.m. to noon every day, while heading out to meetings and events at night.

In 1980 she took a break from the media and moved to Washington D.C. where she worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, at first as a press aide, and then moving onto the staff of a House committee where she ended her 10-years “on the hill.”

As editor of The Ukiah Daily Journal she has been the “the manager of a farm team,” as she puts it, training young writers and J-school grads how to cover their communities and move up the ladder to medium and large newspapers as their skills improved.

For more than 20 years she has given young journalists the training they need to do the job well, win awards, get their bylines noticed and make a success of their journalism careers.


CNPA statewide awards won by K.C. Meadows or her Ukiah Daily Journal team since 1996

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It’s one thing to study journalism, quite another to do journalism. A clear, lively writer herself, with years of practical experience at all levels of the profession, Ms. Meadows’ nuts and bolts tutorials will be invaluable to anyone intending to make their way in this ever expanding, ever fascinating work.

– Bruce Anderson

Publisher, Anderson Valley Advertiser


I’ve worked big city dailies, small town weeklies and a few newspapers in between.  They all had editors, and Meadows might have been the best.  Sharp-eyed, hard-headed, quick witted and smart, she’s especially good with helping young writers get better.

-Tom Hine

Journalist 1969-present


K.C.  Meadows is an experienced journalist who knows how to point newcomers in the right direction. As a newspaper editor Ms. Meadows has mentored dozens of aspiring reporters who were fresh to the world of news. Accuracy, fairness and digging deeper are her mantras. They are born from her own award-winning reporting experiences. K.C. Meadows is first-rate. Listen up.

– Mike Geniella

Retired reporter and editor, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat